1-2-1 Training



Everyone wants to be fitter, thinner, healthier and more energetic, but sometimes it's not easy. Do you recognise any of these thoughts?



  • I cant lose weight (and keep it off)
  • I have a junk food addiction
  • I need exercises suitable for older adults
  • I have reached a weight loss plateau
  • I have tried trendy diets which don't work
  • I lost core strength after pregnancy
  • I need motivation to exercise
  • I have never done weight training exercises
  • I miss the physical fitness I used to have
  • I don't like gyms/ gym clothes
  • I can't get to the gym because of child care, work commitments

Whatever your thoughts before today, don't let them get in the way of contacting us. Here at Three Pillars of Fitness we believe that exercise and the attached benefits are for everyone, not just the people who find it easy!

We specialise in the following areas:




  • Setting and helping you to exceed your goals
  • Adapting functional fitness for pregnancy
  • Weight loss, diet and habit management
  • Functiona fitnessl workouts at home or outside
  • Core restoration, and functional, particularly for Post natal clients

As your  Personal Fitness Trainer, we take an enormous amount of pride in treating you as an individual, we guarantee that your exercise training and workout programme is created based on your circumstances and preferences. We also know that you are busy and require easy access to our knowledge and skills,for this reason our most popular way of exceeding your expectations is to package everything that you could possibly need into an ULTIMATE package, we call it our MY ULTIMATE 24 Package:



MY ULTIMATE 24 Package:

  • Body composition analysis and weight recording throughout
  • 24x 1-2-1 Bespoke Personal Training sessions, delivered in your home, outside, or at Peacehaven Golf Club (gym)
  • Photos taken to record starting and finishing shape/ change, stored in the app (see photos below)
  • Access to our app which allows you access to our skills 24hrs a day via in app messaging, and lots more (see below)
  • Additional workouts to complete between our sessions                      
  • Food logging and dietary suggestions (in app)            




MY BIG 12 Package:

  • As above with 12x 1-2-1 sessions



Single Sessions

  • Single 1-2-1 PT sessions (45 mins unless stated otherwise)

                         £35 each



Our Work out app & Coaching reports:

We know changing the habits of a lifetime is tough,  so we like to provide as much support as possible. We do that in the form of our app, which can, store your goals, nutrition log, workouts, measurements and allow you to contact us 24hrs a day.


















We also support your transformation by offering a written report, this assesses your current situation, sets out your priorities and daily goals, as well as offering an illustration of a balanced, nourishing food plan.


If you would like to know more about our 1-2-1 Training, Please CLICK HERE to Book your free no obligation consultation TODAY!