'As a personal trainer I am always happy to answer questions you may have about diet, about excercise or just about the services I provide. My absolute passion is in helping people achieve thier weight, fitness or excercise goals. Please do get in touch if you have any questions that are effecting your health or wellbeing. I look forward to hearing from you. You can also checkout my facebook page - where I post lots of tips and information around health issues.'


Andy Payne, Founder, Three Pillars of Fitness 

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1. What is a Personal Trainer and why should I use one?

As a Personal Trainer I am a fitness professional, whose job it is to: understand your lifestyle, agree goals and motives. To prescribe appropriate exercise, providing demonstrations and teaching points where appropriate to avoid injury. I will encourage you to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. I will also mentor and inspire you. I will also measure your progress against goals. Most importantly I will ensure maintain client confidentiality and safety.

According to David Stalker, executive director of the Fitness Industry Association (FIA), personal trainers are key to getting the most out of your workout. “In my experience you work out five or six times harder with a trainer than you would on your own,” he says. (The Daily Telegraph 28th March 2011). Working five or six times harder than you would alone means that you achieve your goals significantly quicker.


2. Why me and why Three Pillars?

I am a fully qualified and insured, mobile Personal Trainer. I have a passion for working with people. I have developed the "Three Pillar" model following my own success with weight-loss. It is a very simple approach, which will work for you regardless of your goals. From an experienced exerciser to a new starter the "Pillars" can be applied to any goal. For more information please visit the "My story" and "Client reviews" pages.

Over the years I have read thousands (I mean thousands) of health and fitness magazines, many of them are unclear or contradictory. Three Pillars was born out of my own experience. Concentrating on exercise, diet and mindset means that together we create long lasting results. The Pillars are not a diet more a way of living.


3. What are my values, how have they impacted on Three Pillars?

I feel a great responsibility to help others. Three Pillars will change lives. We live in a very consumer orientated time, a time when self worth and happiness is often measured by financial or material wealth. I don’t believe this to be sustainable. I often find myself saying: “Without people we have nothing!" My goal is to create “fans” not clients, so please,  if you have a suggestion, let me know.


4. How do your fees compare to other companies?

Personal Training fees vary hugely depending on location. A reasonable Personal Trainer in London will charge £60.00 per hour. On the Sussex coast where Three Pillars is based the average is £45.00 per hour. Here at Three Pillars of fitness we like to really get to know our clients requirements before discussing pricing (we know you are truly unique in your needs). For this reason we price each case based on client requirements, for indication purposes we usually charge £39 pr hr.

PERSONAL Training... Is client specific prescription of health, fitness and lifestyle advice. The foundation of Personal Training is YOU!. None of my work is replicated, it is designed solely for you. Every hour of teaching requires the same in planning. If you have a specific budget for your health aspirations please get in contact to discuss your requirements.



5. What training environments do you offer and can I really work out at home?

Your home, at the gym, at your place of work, in your garden or in a private studio. The choice is yours. The important thing is that as my client you train in an environment that you are comfortable in. 1-2-1 training at home is done using some of the best equipment available on the market. As a rough guide a space 10ft long by 8ft wide is ample (please enquire if you have concerns).


6. What skills and expertise do you have?

Adapting functional fitness for pre and post natal clients

Home workouts.

Core restoration.

Training in outdoor environments.

Strength Training.

Nutrition for exercise.

Circuit Training exercises.

Weight Management through diet and exercise.

Boot camp style classes/ outdooor fitness


Periodised exercise programming (generally 6 or 12 weeks).

Pad-work (Boxing for fitness).

Motivation for exercise.

Raising your self esteem.

Resistance bands.

Forming healthy habits and midset management.

Directing Weight loss groups.

Kettlebell Workouts.

Seated/ chair supported workouts.



7. I want to improve my lifestyle and eating habits but can't commit to regular Personal Training sessions, can you help?

Yes, I have just launched a dietary analysis and improvement solution. This means that for a limited time I will offer the service online. All corespondance to be sent and received via E-mail. This is intended for clients who have limited time but would like professional help with their diet.



8. What is a PAR-Q and why should I sign a user agreement?

As a qualified, registered and insured Personal Trainer the most important thing to me is your comfort, health and safety. The “Pre Exercise Questionnaire” contains approximately ten questions. In order to embark on a programme of exercise you must answer no to all of the questions. If you are unable I will ask you to consult your GP who will issue guidance on what you are able to do safely. Please be aware exercise will be postponed until appropriate professional guidance has been sought.

At Three Pillars of Fitness we like to be completely transparent so it's important that both trainer and client agree on some principal terms, they will include: time keeping, commitment to a programme and general housekeeping. This way both parties know where they stand and what to expect.


9. How do I make payment?

Payment can be made by cash or by sending an electronic transfer from your bank account to mine. Payment can also be made in advance using Paypal (fees for block bookings will be negotiated- usually 3% of the transaction value).




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