My Story


"Losing 40% or 8.5 stones of my own body weight has inspired me to launch my own mobile Personal Training business with a difference, my clients chose where they train; at home, in a gym, a private studio, outside or in one of our group classes. I also run healthy eating courses called Diet Doubters, which offer a safe, friendly and cost effective environment to learn from a professional in a group setting.

My story: I have spent most of my life battling my weight. Looking back it was a particular photograph of me on holiday with my parents that tipped the balance. I was twenty four years old, I had a waist measurement of 48 inches and a collar of 19 inches. I was shopping in "Big and Tall" shops for clothing and importing my jeans from America.


I deided that enough was enough, and so embarked upon a drastic, life changing course of action. 

Within two years, through a lot of hard work and focus, I had lost eight and a half stone. I know from personal experience that there is no such thing as a "best exercise for weight loss" . I also know that the Three Pillar approach, is built around sound principles which are guaranteed to provide results .Today my obesity is but a distant memory.

I have lost both my Father and Grandfather to Heart Disease, they are my inspiration. I am confident that my personal experience, combined with my professional knowledge as a YMCA Fit Graduate means that I can deliver everything from healthy living tips to advanced training techniques, all of which will play a vital part in improving your health and fitness. The Pillars themselves provide a simple structure, which will allow you to maintain control of your lifestyle. The Pillars are:


Pillar 1 Mind: The mind is indisputably the most powerful tool available to mankind. As the hub of the Human body, the mind is where our decisions are made, our habits are formed and our beliefs are harboured.  Habit: “A settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up”-The Oxford Dictionary.

As you progress in life, it is natural to collect habits. Many habits will be harmless but, some will be detrimental. “Detrimental” habits are difficult to change. This is because your mind creates neuromuscular pathways, in other words; as your actions are repeated a footprint is formed, which becomes deeper over time.

Have you ever embarked on a programme of change by spending money, perhaps a 12 month gym contract or a new pair of running shoes? I believe this does little to ensure success. Change requires a firm foundation which begins in your mind. It can be as simple as positive thinking exercises which, teach you how to build confidence.


Pillar 2 Diet: If you talk to someone in the developing world about their diet often they will tell you that it consists of vegetables and grains, perhaps some meat. Ask a person in the western world and they will say things like Dukan, Atkins, Lighter life, Slimming world, the Two Day diet (the list is endless). These diets tend to revolve around depravation, which is one of reasons that diets don't work!


Diet: "The kind of food that an animal, community or person habitually eats e.g. a vegetarian diet” -The Oxford Dictionary.

No mention of deprivation, supplementation or ready meals from the Oxford Dictionary. Instead it refers to habitual behaviours.



Pillar 3 Exercise: Many, claim to hate exercise. This is often because they spend many hours doing the same  thing, or doing things they don’t like, for example riding an exercise bike or running on a treadmill. Exercise: “Activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness: exercise improves your heart and Lung Power” -The Oxford Dictionary.

As you can see the “official” definition of exercise makes no reference to particular activities. A friend recently posted on Face book that riding an exercise bike was uncomfortable. My response was, “if that’s the case find an alternative which you enjoy more!”


Government statistics show that less than one third of adults in the United Kingdom get the recommended amount of activity. Part of my work as a mobile Personal Trainer is to understand you and your goals, including exercise preferences. I will create a bespoke exercise plan just for you, to make sure that you enjoy exercise, we might even play a game or two! The benefits of this are two fold: You adhere to your programme and you exceed your goals. I will also do everything in my power to make your sessions varied and fun, including circuit training exercises or games. If you would like to bring a friend or two with you for support I would encourage you to!


I believe that in order to truly excel a client's fitness we must be really good at coaching in specific areas, my specialities include:

-Adapting functional fitness for pregnancy

-Weight loss, diet management, and motivation

-Home and outdoor workouts which are functional

-Core restoration, and functional, particularly for Post natal clients

Obesity in the UK is now of epidemic proportions, and continues to gather momentum at an alarming rate: "It is expected thatby 2050 60% of the adult male population and 50% of the adult female population will be clinically obese.” This statistic is alarming and should provide some motivation, however it is far more important that we both understand your motivators." I will help you to find what motivates you and build that into your programme.

The first step of working with me is to meet, either in person or on Skype. I will do a full initial consultation with reccomendations, which helps both of us to build confidence and know that working together will bring you the best results.

If you would like to know more about our Training, Please call me on 01273 258212 or  CLICK HERE to Book your no obligation consultation TODAY!

Thanks for reading, I look forward to meeting you.