Online Coaching

Lifestyle Consultancy:

Do you have specific concerns which you would like to discuss with me, as a health coach?

-Motivation for nutrition

-Making healthy food choices

-Stress Management

-Suitable exercise for older adults or pre and post natal

-What are nutrients

-How to lose weight, improve energy levels and feel good

-Creating healthy habits

-Recipes/ what to eat


-Goal setting

-Weight loss plateau or workout stagnation


As an online health coach I can assist in all of these areas and more. Our coaching sessions can be delivered via a Skype, Watsapp or telephone call (telephone calls will only be offered to UK residents).




Diet Doubters Courses:

Diet Doubters is our own independent weight loss, healthy eating and lifestyle course designed for people who wish to understand how to eat to improve health and/or lose weight. Courses will only be delivered by registered, insured and qualified fitness professionals. Each person will set themselves a goal weekly and will be given a folder to store the progress tracker/ support sheets.

Our short courses last just four weeks, with participants attending a one hour long session per week,  the sessions will include a weigh-in and will cover:




Beginners : 4 weeks


  • Introduction, course content, calories and how often should I eat?
  • Psychology of eating, stress and it's influence on food choices
  • Food groups and major nutrients
  • Speeding up metabolism, course recap, introduction to following 6 weeks (for those who want to continue)






 Advanced: An additional : 6 weeks

Following completion of course 1, a further course is available lasting six week. Attending our two courses back to back will provide you with lots of knowledge and actions to build a healthier future.

  • Fats, which to eat and which to avoid
  • Light exercise, simple exercises which can be safely completed at home, taught under supervision.
  • Protein, lean and mean
  • Why is sugar a demon?
  • The synergy of healthy eating and exercise


Be part of something special! No cross sales, supplements, weight loss pills or fads!!!

Please CLICK HERE to register for "Dietdoubters- where knowledge meets health!"




6 Month Habit Forming Course:

Habit Coaching is about setting small goals which are manageable. As your mentor I will teach you about the importance of a health habit for 2 weeks at a time. The subjects will include:


-Stress management

-Lean protein




I will make daily posts in a closed Facebook, online community, which enables you to gain to support from other people in the "group" The beauty of this type of coaching is that you will make your own goals, which are small and manageable. These will be tracked by you and I will call you twice per month to keep you accountable and assist in problem solving and goal setting.


In order to enrol on this course you must be prepared to commit to 6 months in the group, this is because the success of Habit forming is reliant on consistancy and persistance.



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