Why Three Pillars?



I developed the concept of Three Pillars of Fitness following my personal success with weight loss. I lost 8.5 stones in 2 years. The pillars provided me with the inspiration and direction I needed to change my lifestyle and my life.


The Three Pillars are: Exercise, Diet and Mind. Each are equally important when you are resetting your health agenda. And it is these Three Pillars that continue to support me and now my clients for the long term. The three pillars are at the forefront of all that i do and provide a clear path towards better health and fitness.


As I Personal Trainer I can provide comprehensive guidance in each of the following areas. This has been key to the success of my previous clients. To read what my clients say about working with me please click here.


















Pillar 1 Exercise:

Many, claim to hate exercise. This is often because they spend many hours doing the same  thing, or doing things they don’t like, for example riding an exercise bike or running on a treadmill. Exercise: “Activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness: exercise improves your heart and Lung Power” -The Oxford Dictionary.

As you can see the “official” definition of exercise makes no reference to particular activities. A friend recently posted on Face book that riding an exercise bike was uncomfortable. My response was, “if that’s the case find an alternative which you enjoy more!” Here at Three Pillars much of my work is completed in my clients homes, this ensures their comfort and proves a really great solution to people who are time poor or need to be at home due to family commitments. 


As well as delivering sessions in person, each client who works with me has a bespoke workout to complete between sessions, using my app. All workouts are completed with recorded video guidance and progressed as you move closer to your goals. This ensures that workouts are never boring and prevents plateau.













Pillar 2 Diet: 

If you talk to someone in the developing world about their diet often they will tell you that it consists of vegetables and grains, perhaps some meat.

Ask a person in the western world and they will say things like Dukan, Atkins, Lighter life, Slimming world, the Two Day diet (the list is endless). These diets tend to revolve around depravation, which is one of reasons that diets don't work!Diet: "The kind of food that an animal, community or person habitually eats e.g. a vegetarian diet” -The Oxford Dictionary.

No mention of deprivation, supplementation or ready meals from the Oxford Dictionary. Instead it refers to habitual behaviours.


At Three Pillars of Fitness I work tirelessly to provide suitable education around nutrient requirements and help my clients to create a nourishing sustainable diet. Our dieting "style" is built on inclusion rather than exclusion, quality foods, minimum waste and maximum enjoyement. 












Pillar 3  Mind:

The mind is indisputably the most powerful tool available to mankind. As the hub of the Human body, the mind is where our decisions are made, our habits are formed and our beliefs are harboured.  Habit: “A settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up”-The Oxford Dictionary.

As you progress in life, it is natural to collect habits. Many habits will be harmless but, some will be detrimental. “Detrimental” habits are difficult to change. This is because your mind creates neuromuscular pathways, in other words; as your actions are repeated a footprint is formed, which becomes deeper over time.

Have you ever embarked on a programme of change by spending money, perhaps a 12 month gym contract or a new pair of running shoes? I believe this does little to ensure success. Change requires a firm foundation which begins in your mind. It can be as simple as positive thinking exercises which, teach you how to build confidence. I have an extensive kit of Mindset tools which you can access through my app. Using these tools will ensure your success not only in attaining your fitness goal but creates a happier sustainable way of life.



How do the Pillars combine?














Using the Three Pillars as guidance, I will work with you to create a balanced and sustainable lifestyle. One which compliments your commitments and enables you to live a fulfilling and enjoyable life, you only have one place to live, that's your body! Lets begin the journey towards balance, health and empowerment.The first step of working with me is to meet, either in person or on Skype. I will do a full initial consultation with written recommendations, this helps both of us to build confidence and know that working together will bring you the best results.


If you would like to know more about our Training, Please call me on 01273 258212 or  CLICK HERE to Book your no obligation consultation TODAY!